At Revel, we were founded on the idea that there’s a better way around. That’s why our goal isn’t just to get you to your destination. It’s to help you make your way.


To make getting around fast, affordable, and way more fun.

Our story is being written one mile at a time

Rideshare apps are still young. Electric moped rideshares are even younger. In fact, Revel is the first in New York. The world of urban transportation is changing every day, and we intend to stay ahead of the traffic.


Revel was founded by Frank Reig and Paul Suhey to be an easier, less expensive and more fun way to get around. They met while working at Gerson Lehrman Group on their Energy & Industrials team organizing and moderating investment research events on clean transportation solutions.

Frank Reig

CEO & Co-founder

Before meeting Paul at GLG, Frank worked on the global sustainability team at Cushman & Wakefield and was also a Leadership Fellow with the Port Authority of NY & NJ, spending a year in the World Trade Center Redevelopment office. He holds an MPA from Columbia University and also formal training in culinary arts. In a prior professional life, he worked in several of New York’s most highly rated restaurants including Gramercy Tavern and Café Boulud. Frank is a lifelong New Yorker, and currently lives in Brooklyn.

Paul Suhey

COO & Co-founder

Before meeting Frank at GLG, Paul worked as a Process Design Engineer for ExxonMobil in Texas and Louisiana. With a background in chemical engineering, he closely monitors developments in new energy tech. Like Frank, he has a passion for food (except he can’t cook), and helped commercialize his grandmother’s hot pepper recipe. Paul found his way to New York in his early 20s, and today he revels in Central Park runs, exploring new neighborhoods and finding new foods to put Suhey Peppers on. He currently lives in Brooklyn.

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